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About Argen-Tango™

Welcome to Argen-Tango™, your reliable guide to the fascinating world of the Argentine Tango. We offer memorable experiences for people of different ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re looking to start a new adventure in the world of Tango, or need help to make your special event unforgettable, you’re certain to be inspired by what we’ve got in store for you.
Looking for something new? Here you can begin a lifelong love affair with the Argentine Tango, a magical dance that captivates the hearts of both the dancers and their audience. A vibrant world of dance festivals, national and international competitions, and colorful milongas await you.
Our highly-skilled and dedicated instructors will walk you through the intricate rhythms, history, and feel of the Tango, while helping you discover the pulse of your own walk and style. You’ll receive nothing less than the best instruction from top instructors and visiting masters who have developed the highest level of skill in their craft.
We offer a wide range of classes to suit varying skill levels, and everyone is sure to find a class that they’ll enjoy. Students aged 12 and above can look forward to hours of enjoyment in our non-competitive and supportive environment.
If you’d like to make a lasting impact in your planned event, such as a wedding or anniversary, then you should definitely consider incorporating a Tango demonstration in your program. You can schedule private lessons to train for the event, or we can provide the demonstration ourselves. Whatever your preference may be, you can be sure that a Tango demonstration will make your event more special and unforgettable.
Feel free to browse through our pages and find out more about what we’ve got to offer. We look forward to dancing with you.





Vittoria Natale – Argen-Tango™ Dance Director
Born in the USA, Vittoria has been Read More..